What is your investment focus?
Problem-solvers for people and planet.

We invest money, time, and our brains in early-stage founders who aim to change our world for the better. If you have an idea or a newly started business, we should definitely talk!

For the time being, we prefer companies founded in the DACH region. However, we plan to expand our footprint across Europe.

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Each year millions of people die of preventable deaths. We want to foster solutions that promote an active, healthy, and mindful lifestyle or improve access to medical support. With the eventual goal of enhancing patient outcomes whilst saving societies and patients from expensive healthcare costs.



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Education is the key to a self-determined life. We make an effort to support founders that democratize learning opportunities and reduce inequalities. Starting from parenting support solutions to lifelong learning and upward mobility.


New Work

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Being a remote and agile company for several years now, we recognize the importance of employee flexibility and the chance that lies within diverse and remote teams. Thus, we promote all solutions that make the workplace more inclusive and employee-friendly and eventually drive economic growth. 



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Climate change is in full swing, exceeding the set temperature rise limit by a long shot. Needless to say we want to put an end to that by tackling big emission levers such as food production, energy creation and saving or mobility. Nevertheless, climate change is a problem of such magnitude that every so small measure, especially on the individual level, is worth pursuing. Go for it.




Human's excessive consumption has long exceeded earth's ability to sufficiently reproduce renewable resources. As this is highly alarming for sustaining life on earth, we want to back founders that change the way we use our natural assets. Either through enhanced production efficiency, alternative materials or fully circular solutions. 



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People tend to neglect the importance and the direct impact of biodiversity on their lives. But ultimately we depend on ecosystem products such as fresh water and food and should therefore be concerned about the status of our environment. Consequently, we choose to help founders that combat land degradation and halt loss of biodiversity.

Do you want to change the world for the better?