So, why should you take
our money?

Much more than just money.

We believe that purpose-driven entrepreneurs will change our world for the better. They drive innovation and dare to tackle the most pressing challenges of the place our kids will live in. Does this sound like you and your team? Then keep reading.


When you work with us, we commit to doing the same: We’ll help you make an impact and add value to your business far beyond money. We see us as your experienced co-founders, sitting in the same boat, solving your challenges in the best way together. And we are in for the long-run. Our commitment doesn't stop.

We act in your interest


As a startup, you have to take fast decisions. We do the same. We aim to decide on initial investment within 10 working days. 


We typically invest up to €100k via a simple convertible loan for 10% of the future equity. 

For the long run.

We love to be your first partner down the road. If everything looks great we continue investing more money together with our community of entrepreneurial angels.

We are entrepreneurs first and foremost.

We don't care how much money you raise in follow-on rounds. We care about building a successful venture that lasts. Thus, we deliberately refrain from measuring the success of startups based on the amount of money raised. We know what you get into when you start playing the VC game early on.


We also know how you stay in the driver seat and what it’s worth down the road. To us, it’s the better way on a mission to drive change if you as founders keep control of your company. Therefore, we invest with founder-friendly terms and stick to our values that define the way we work. 


You join a trusted community of like-minded founders that allows each one of us to continue to grow on a professional and personal level while building a lot of great stuff together.

Our values define the way we work with you

We are honest and trustful

We do what makes sense

We love building great companies

We have skin in the game


Join us and our network of experienced entrepreneurs